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17th OF MARCH - Strengthening capacities of WBL professionals

During the webinar, international experts and practitioners will discuss the role of work-based coordinators in schools and in companies. ETF will introduce the specificities of the different roles in the most established EU work-based learning systems as well as presenting solutions adopted by countries that have recently adopted WBL systems.

Centres of Excellence and companies currently engaged in WBL will have the opportunity to share their views on the importance of these roles in the context of properly implementing WBL mechanisms. A recently developed concept for training WBL coordinators in schools and in-company trainers will be presented to set the scene.



25TH OF MARCH - Ambitious skills and innovation strategies: a territorial approach

In the context of regional innovation strategies, rural areas should play an essential role, not just as a source of raw material and places to locate space-intensive activities, but as genuine partners. Place-based approaches call for cooperation at all levels and in particular between rural and urban territories or between disconnected territories.

The webinar will offer the opportunity to learn and exchange about regional policies and practices for ambitious skills and innovation strategies through territorial approaches.



26TH OF MARCH - Innovation and farming: application in the AM sector in the food value chain 

As is the case in other industries, agriculture is currently making extensive use of data mobility, industry 4.0, and new technologies that unlock productivity and cost savings. High-tech solutions are available to both local farming families and major agricultural corporations.

This webinar will highlight the existing use of advanced manufacturing in the agro-food sector and focus on skills strategies for this particular sector.