WEBINAR - Integrating work and home in the COVID-19 times

5 months 2 weeks ago

Last 16th of November took place the webinar "Integrating work and home in the COVID-19 times: (In)balance in life, work, school & home – European discussion and comparisons"

If you missed it, you can now access to it now through this link.

In it, you will find:

Work-home integration in pandemic times
Miet Timmers, Lecturer at University College Odisee and Researcher at Centre for Family Studies, Flanders, Belgium, presents the results of Covid-19 research done by her and her colleagues.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the face of work. As teleworking became much more accessible to a large group of people, a lot of family issues became an urgent focus of attention.
- How do people deal with the boundaries between the work domain and the family domain? 
- What is the impact of gender on the division of tasks?
- How do small entrepreneurs and the self-employed cope with this situation?
- How do informal carers and people from the sandwich generation deal with this crisis?
And above all: are the changes in the organization of work and family sustainable and permanent or will we go back to square one in a few months? 

The Finnish, Polish and Spanish Time4Help partners describe the situation in Finland, Poland and Spain.

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Kaija Villman
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Small Business Center