Beşiktaş Municipality Covid-19 Newsletter

Besiktas Municipality
1 year 1 week ago
  • Beşiktaş Children's Choir Take Stage Through Online Platforms!

The most beautiful of all dreams is the smile of singing children. 51 children in the Beşiktaş
Children's Choir came together through online platforms and performed Andrea Venturini’s
famous piece “Neve” as a gift for all the children of the world. May all the children of the world
smile forever.

  • We Established Our Public Health Digital Management Center

As soon as the coronavirus outbreak started spreading massively, as Beşiktaş Municipality,
we carried into effect our ‘Public Health Digital Management Center’ through which we organize
all our efforts from a single center. Even before the coronavirus spread to other countries from
China, we had already started disinfecting the schools in our district as of January 31 in case
the virus arrived here. So far, we have disinfected more than 500 various locations and buildings
in Beşiktaş including all the schools, places of worship, nursing homes, parks and consulate

  • We Started Online Live-Video Medical Advice Service

As Beşiktaş Municipality, we provide our 65+ and disabled citizens, and also the ones who have
chronic diseases – especially those who regularly receive healthcare and social support
from our Municipality – with various free-of-charge services including 24/7 online video medical
advice, online psychological guidance within the office hours, aid packages consisting of basic
food, hygiene bags, and medical support and examination (including medical examination,
blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement, injections, establishing vascular
access, blood drawing, ambulance services, serum administration, urinary catheter insertion,
nasogastric catheter insertion, medical dressing and wound care, bed bathing, taking stitches

  • We Expanded the Scope of Our Well-Being Service

In addition, thanks to our system, “Well-Being Service”, our 75+ residents receive direct
and urgent physical and health support pressing the “emergency button” on the device that
we gave them. And also our municipal staff receives orders through an emergency line in
cooperation with the district governorship to meet the special and personal needs of our senior
citizens, and the orders are delivered by following all the pandemic hygiene rules.

  • We Opened Our Dormitories to Healthcare Professionals

In order to protect their families from the virus, we allocated both of our dormitories with a
capacity of 185 beds in total to the healthcare professionals so that they can stay instead of
going home and risking their family members after they leave hospitals

  • We Took Economic Measures

As part of our economic measures, we do not charge occupation fees from the shopkeepers
who had to close their shops due to the epidemic, and we do not receive dormitory fees from
the students staying in our dormitories. We also provide financial aid to families with no financial

  • We Extended our Mobivet Practice

And of course we have not forgotten the stray animals living in our district. We leave food and
water for them at more than 300 locations. Moreover, with the fully equipped stray animal’s
ambulance called “Mobivet”, the care of the animals living on the street continues to be carried
out by our veterinaries.

  • We Started Broadcasting Programs For Children

As you know, online platforms gain great importance during such difficult periods when schools
are closed and children have to stay at home. Therefore, our municipality started broadcasting
various types of programs including theaters, puppet shows, storytelling shows and movies on
our official YouTube channel in order to offer a better quality and more enjoyable time for
children outside their study hours.
Shortly, while we say “stay home” to our citizens, we work hard to meet all their needs without
any interruption. We hope that life will get back to its normal course soon enough and we will
start all the projects we have been planning to carry out together.

  • Beşiktaş Contemporary Digital Exhibition Was Opened

The Beşiktaş Contemporary Digital Exhibition, organized by the Beşiktaş Municipality as part of the 101st anniversary of the May 19 the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, brought young artists together in digital platforms. The exhibition, which contains many valuable works of art, can be visited online by art lovers at

With the motto "We Celebrate May 19 with Young Artists", the Beşiktaş Municipality brought many young artists from around Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus together this year at the "Beşiktaş Contemporary Digital Exhibition". Young artists were given the opportunity to carry their works to a wide audience through the exhibition, which was also attended by some master artists.  

A total of 140 artists between the ages of 18 and 40 participated our celebratory exhibition. Art lovers will be able to visit this exhibition featuring free themes and techniques of painting and printing until June 7, at

  • Mayor Akpolat Met Senior Citizens for Ramadan Bayram

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a curfew was declared across Turkey for four days during the Bayram. As part of the normalization process, citizens aged 65 and over who have not left their homes for about two months were allowed to go out with a companion on the first day of the Bayram between 14.00-20.00 hours.

The Beşiktaş Municipality put the parks into service and meticulously prepared them for senior citizens. Mayor Akpolat welcomed our citizens at the entrance of the Sanatçılar Park which was visited by the elderly to enjoy the good weather. Mr. Akpolat greeted every citizen individually, gifted them chocolate and a hygiene kit. All social distance rules were obeyed during the gathering. The citizens took photos with Mayor Akpolat and thanked him for the services provided.

  • Beşiktaş Academy Starts Online Classes!

The Beşiktaş Academy, an initiative of the Beşiktaş Municipality which has been helping students prepare for high school and university education and also supporting the personal development of our citizens aged 7-90 through culture and art courses, have started offering online classes now.

The Beşiktaş Academy also had to give a break to in-class education as part of the measures taken in our country in order to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has affected the whole world. Having started to provide many services online already and rapidly increasing its digital services especially during this difficult period, our municipality resumed providing education by uploading online classes to the YouTube channel of the Beşiktaş Academy. This service will not only enable students who are preparing for their exams to continue studying their lessons but also help all our citizens wishing to spend their time efficiently to enhance their personal development during this period when we have to stay at home.

The Beşiktaş Academy YouTube channel, which offers a separate playlist for each class, also features high school (LGS) and university (YKS) preparation classes in addition to folk dance classes and Disabled Dance Ensemble classes.


  • A New Practice for Proper Collection of Waste Masks & Gloves

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Beşiktaş Municipality has been implementing some practices as part of the proper waste management efforts. Experts point out that one of the most important criteria of protection from this outbreak is the use of masks and gloves. Fortunately, the attention paid by citizens to these warnings has been increasing the use of masks and gloves in communal areas. However, this situation also brings along the problem of medical waste. Uncontrolled disposal of waste masks and gloves may increase the risk of citizens’ being infected. For this reason, Beşiktaş Municipality has placed "Collection Bins for Waste Masks and Gloves” at certain key points such as public institutions, markets and family health centres. The medical wastes thrown into the waste bins will be duly disposed after they are properly collected.


  • Online Blessing Box Programme Activated in Beşiktaş 

The Blessing Box  Solidarity Programme, which has been launched with the call of Beylikdüzü Municipality in order to increase social solidarity by turning shopping into donations, has also been activated in Beşiktaş. The main idea of the programme is while shopping online, creating also a basket for the neighbours in need and sending it to our municipality for delivery. It is possible to donate all kind of the grocery products such as foods, hygiene products, food for pets etc.

The delivery will be brought to the Food Bank located in Beşiktaş Municipality and will be delivered to the people in need by the Blessing Box Solidarity Programme teams. In addition, the citizens are always able to check whether their delivery has reached us through the application.


  • Gender Equality Begins at Home

Beşiktaş Mayor Mr. Rıza Akpolat starts an awareness campaign on Gender Mainstreaming through social media with the hashtag #EşitlikEvdeBaşlar (Gender equality begins at home) and invites all the citizens to support the campaign and share responsibilities.

Within the scope of the coronavirus struggle, millions of peoples in order to protect themselves stay at home. Spending the whole day at home brings common life problems too. Within this period, many women work remotely as well as they continue to do the housework. Therefore, it is easy to notice that the responsibilities of women increases.

Beşiktaş Mayor Mr. Rıza Akpolat launches a meaningful awareness project by emphasizing Gender Equality in order to draw attention to this issue. He declares, “There is one thing we should not forget about during the coronavirus protection period; the responsibility of common living spaces should also be shared. Cleaning, cooking, childcare and patient care are not just the woman’s tasks. Let's share responsibilities while sharing life.”

In addition, he sums the unwritten rules of quarantine days in three sentences with catchy banners:

1. No women's work, no men's work; just housework. #1

2. Everyone can manage to clean the house. #2

3. Taking care of children is a common task of both parents. #3


  • Special Song from Beşiktaş Children's Choir for Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day, celebrated on the second Sunday of May, was overshadowed by the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the curfew that continues on weekends, many people had to spend Mother’s Day far from their mother. Beşiktaş Municipality’s Children's Choir sang at home with their mothers as a gift to our citizens who had to spend this away from their mothers. The children who recorded those moments made a very special and meaningful work for Mother's Day.

Beşiktaş Children's Choir sang under the conductorship of Güneş Kaya the song "Turku to Our Mothers", lyrics and music by Muammer Sun and played by Pianist Simten Deniz Şenpolat.