ALCC: First Imigrants Entrepreneurs Fair in Lisboa (FEI)

Associação Lusofonia Cultura e Cidadania- ALCC
1 year 9 months ago

Last May, Associação Lusofonia Cultura e Cidadania (ALCC) organized the First Imigrants Entrepreneurs Fair in Lisboa at Lisbon Museum (Pimenta Palace).

During a weekend (26th and 27th), fourty eight imigrants exposed their businesses for more than two thousand personnes showing how the imigrants contribute for the portuguese economy. There were people from France, Bulgaria, Ucrania, São Tomé and Principe, Cape-Verde, Angola, Brasil, Moldava, Colombia, Guine-Bissau, Venezuela, Dominican Republic.

A lot of networking was build, buinesses were made, ideas were shared and most of all confidence got stronger in each of the entrepreneurs present at the fair.

ALCC will start to receive new registragions for entrepreneurs middle of September 2018.