What is the European Network of Innovation for Inclusion?

Action Against Hunger launches a new network at the European level to promote social innovation among social entities, companies, public administrations, etc. as a tool to create a more inclusive European labour market.

This network aims to build a more innovative social inclusive ecosystem, helping different organizations develop successful European employment and entrepreneurship projects through the exchange of good practices and participation in European programs.

You can participate in the network as a member or as a coordinator in a European country.

The network is co-financed by the European Social Fund in Spain under the Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Social Economy 2014-2020, as a transnational cooperation project.

Why become a member?

Being a member of the network is completely free. If your organization becomes a member, you will have access to:

  • Participate in the call for good practices at the European level. If your organization is selected as one of the three finalists of any of the two categories (socio-labour inclusion or inclusive entrepreneurship), the member entities will be invited with the other entities selected (assuming the Network all costs) to:
    • Attend the European event where the awards ceremony will take place;
    • Participate in the study visit to the finalist entity of the corresponding category;
    • Be part of the working group for the design of projects of the corresponding category.
  • Access to information on European calls for proposals and to partner searches among members.
  • Publish your organization’s activities and projects related to employment and entrepreneurship in the network’s platform.